Standard conditions

All operations are carried out in accordance with the general regulations of Nordisk Speditørforbund (NSAB 2015).

The regulations limit our responsibility for loss, decrease of value or damage of goods to sdr 8,33 per kilo, and for delay up to the freight cost, maximum sdr 50.000 for each order, unless the operations are subject to regulation or a transport document which specifies a different liability.

In respect of storage, the transport company’s total responsibility for damage per incident is limited to sdr 500.000 (§27). Please note that the period of claim against the transport company is limited to 1 year (§30) and that the Panteret (§14) includes the current as well as earlier claims. Claims in respect of transport etc. must be honoured regardless of the delivery conditions in the contract (§10).

The specified delivery- and transit times are only to be considered as indicative according to NSAB 2015 (§6). A contract with a time guarantee will only be made after special agreement. In a case of visible loss or damage a claim should be made immediately upon receipt of the goods. In a case of non-visible loss or damage a written claim must be made within 7 working days after receipt of the goods.

Offsetting – you cannot set off your claim against NTG Frigo East A/S’s charge for freight and other services.

CMR law
The CMR convention regulates road transport internationally. The convention is under the auspices of the UN and is incorporated within Danish law.