Transport glossary

It isn’t always easy to keep track of all the technical terms used in the transport industry. We have therefore prepared a list of the most common terms:

FCL Full Container Load.
LCL Less than Container Load.
LTL Less Than Truckload
FTL Full Truckload
TEU Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit.
PLL Pallets
Change pll Change pallets.
Doublestock Loading of pallets in two heights on beams.
Multitemp. Trailer with the option of transporting with two temperatures simultaneously.
Singletemp. Refrigerated trailer with one temperature throughout the entire trailer.
BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor, applied when fuel prices are subject to major price fluctuations. These are set by the shipping company once a month based on oil prices.
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor, applied to cover devaluation of the currency when the cargo is payable in foreign currency. This surcharge is set by the shipping companies and is calculated as a percentage of the main cargo.
PSS Peak Season Surcharge, charged per container in the busy period (from August to November) for containers from Asia to Europe.
Heavy Surcharge A surcharge added for particularly heavy 20-foot containers from the Far East. The surcharge depends on which shipping company is used and varies from port to port.
Low Sulphur Surcharge A sulphur surcharge applied to ships sailing in the Baltic Sea, Kattegat, Skagerrak, North Sea and The English Channel.
ISPS International Ship & Port Facility Security is a surcharge resulting from the stricter demands on carriers and port security. The surcharge is typically charged per consignment.
Demurrage Payment made by the charterers if the loading and unloading times agreed in the chartering agreement are exceeded and the shipowners cannot be held liable. Or the damages for detention that arise if the agreed loading or unloading times have lapsed and no demurrage days are allowed or if these have lapsed as well. From the time a container is given the all clear for collection, the customer has about three days to collect it.
Toldkontrol A charge relating to the freight forwarder and shipping company’s inspecting of customers documents.
Vareafgift A duty paid to the port for handling the container. The duty can vary from port to port.
EXW (Ex Works) Ex Works (see detailed explanation under Incoterms)
FCA (Free Carrier) Free Carrier (see detailed explanation under Incoterms)
FAS (Free Alongside Ship) Free Alongside Ship (see detailed explanation under Incoterms)
FOB (Free On Board) Free On Board (see detailed explanation under Incoterms)
CFR (Cost and Freight) Cost and Freight (see detailed explanation under Incoterms)
CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) Cost, Insurance and Freight (see detailed explanation under Incoterms)
CPT (Carriage Paid To) Carriage Paid To (see detailed explanation under Incoterms)
CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid to) Carriage and Insurance Paid to (see detailed explanation under Incoterms)
Empty freight 80% The goods are not ready as agreed and 80% of the [charge for the] agreed cargo is therefore calculated.
ADR Dangerous goods.
Kat 3 Permission to transport animal biproducts (NTG Frigo East has this permit).
DAT (Delivered At Terminal) Delivered At Terminal (see detailed explanation under Incoterms)
DAP (Delivered At Place) Delivered At Place (see detailed explanation under Incoterms)
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival.
ETD Estimated Time of Delivery.
Fix delivery For delivery at an agreed time.
DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) Delivered Duty Paid (see detailed explanation under Incoterms)